Hot Cold Therapy Ankle Wrap

Wholesale Soft Ice Ankle Wrap Soft Ice Ankle Wrap holds two 3" x 6" Soft Ice Packs around your ankle or foot.
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Soft Ice Ankle Wrap holding two 3" x 6" Soft Ice Packs around your ankle or foot. When used as an ankle wrap, you can still wear shoes.

The universal design of the ankle wrap allows it to fit either the left or right ankle or foot.

Position therapy wrap over foot or ankle and secure with hook and loop tab closure.

Wrap will absorb moisture and deliver a gentle and adjustable compression.

The soft cotton backing helps protect the skin while the insulated outer fabric directs maximum cold therapy to the body.

Packs deliver comfortable, deep-penetrating cold or hot therapy to injured joints, ligaments and muscles. When used as a heat pack, Soft Ice retains its consistency and does not become a liquid.

Store the Soft Ice Pack in the freezer. Remove when needed and insert directly into the wrap.

Soft Ice uses a natural, non-toxic, recycled and biodegradable formula that stays highly flexible and comfortable right out of the freezer.

Cold therapy is excellent drug-free pain relief for bruises, bumps, cuts, scrapes, muscle aches, swelling, chronic pain and much more.

For acute pain, use cold therapy during the first 48 hours and alternate with moist heat after the swelling goes down. Use moist heat or heat therapy for chronic pain. Please Note: Doctors typically recommend the application of cold or heat therapy not exceed 20 minutes at a time. Allow 20 minutes between applications.


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