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Heat Factory Heated Heavyweight Socks

Wholesale heated thermal socks by Heat factory featuring a plush Merino Wool Blend.

Heat Factory Heated Mid Calf Socks

Wholesale wool blend thermal mid calf socks features a pocket over the toes to hold disposable Heat Factory foot warmers.

Heat Factory Thermal Acrylic Socks

A Wholesale price point heated thermal sock from Heat Factory - perfect for the value conscious consumer. These Heat Factory thermal socks features a special pocket over the toes to hold dispoable foot warmers for additional warmth and personal comfort.

Heated Thermal Wader Socks

Wholesale Heat Factory heated thermal wader sock ensures you stay warm whilst fishing. Ideal for the dedicated fishing fanatic.

Heat Factory Heated Slipper Socks

Wholesale medium thickness, stretchable slipper sock. Perfect for normal wear around the house, also takes disposable warmers.

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