Uniheat Mini Warmers

Uniheat WarmersMini warmer heat packs by Uniheat. Two mini warmers per outer, perfect as a glove, hand, hat or pocket warmer last upto 8 hours. Please log in or register for wholesale pricing.

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Heat Factory Toe Warmers

Heat Factory Toe WarmersHeat Factory toe warmers. 40 pairs of toe warmers in a high visibility display box.

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Foot Warmer Insoles

Wholesale Foot Warmer InsolesHeat Factory foot warmer insoles. 30 pairs of foot warmer insoles in a high visibility display box. Please log in or register for wholesale pricing.

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Uniheat Shipping Warmers

Uniheat Shipping WarmersShipping Warmer Heat PacksUniheat Shipping Warmers continue to be the number one heat packs for shipping tropical fish, reptiles, plants, orchids, live foods, insects, corals, small pets and other temperature sensitive products.
Uniheat Shipping Warmers are the preferred choice worldwide of professional exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers of livestock, flowers and other products.
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Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and Cold Therapy Pain Relief

Wholesale hot and cold therapy wraps with re useable heat packs / ice packs. The hot cold wraps are professional grade and are available for all body parts. The wraps are used to speed up healing and provide soothing treatment of sports injuries like sprained ankles, strained muscles, knee, shoulder and back pain.

Moist Heat Therapy WrapsComplementing the hot and cold therapy range are our moist heat therapy products. All wraps are again of professional grade incorporating special beads that adsorb humidity from the air. No water needs to be added, simply microwave the wraps and position on the body part.


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